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Text for Page 062 [09-09-1856]

all occasions to full grown ladies and gentlemen � es-
pecially the latter � on the political, social, and moral
questions of the day, and is greatly interested on
the scores of Abolition and Temperance.   He likes
to favor you with his views as to the approaching elec-
tion for the Presidency.         I got him, once, to define
his platform.   �I go� said he, in answer to my
respectful enquiry �for the development of our internal
resources, for Protection and Free Soil; � and really,
since the outrages in Kansas, I am almost provoked
to join the Garrisonan stripe, though before, I assure
you I was exceedingly moderate.�   Furthermore he is
learned in Entomology, always knows the state of
the barometer, don�t approve of story books �as he
has heard of several persons becoming insane from the
pernicious habit of reading novels� � and is so super-
fluously polite as to wish you good day whenever he
meets you, if it should chance twenty times in the
course of a morning.     At table his appetite is gui-
ded by that of his father. (I wonder if that gentleman
needed castor-oil whether the boy wouldn�t want a simi-
lar dose?)       He has not the smallest iota of modesty,
timidity or childish reverence.     You could as soon put
the author of the life of P. T. Barnum to the blush,
or out of countenance.    He�d give you his opinions on
the Trinity, or Predestination without dumur.      He
calls upon the girl who waits at table twice as often
as the grown boarders.          Mrs Potter (our landlady)               
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