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Text for Page 063 [09-09-1856]

says he�s �a boy of excellent principles.�   As if a
boy had any business to have principles � besides a
fondness for getting in scrapes and eating apples.
  Well, Mr Martin came up to say good-bye, and
retaining my hand, was pleased to profess a regard
for my talents &c, but would I permit him to say
that he was pained to see I had no great regard for
the Sabbath ��       He invited me to visit him, also.
  I feel kindly to him for it.
  Out to Wild�s at night, with Sol and Wood,
I leaving them to go to the candy man�s and councellor.
A rowdy, Rynderish, torchlight procession, boys, black-
guards and loafers � in honor of Buchanan.           At the
Ornithoryncus for five minutes.     Sol full of insult and
chaff, lager-bearing with Wood and a foolish  faced
  10.  Wednesday.    Down town calls.     Writing and
reciding, for the first time �The Confessions of Rousseau.�
  11.  Thursday.   Much the same as yesterday.
  12.   Friday.     Met Walt Whitman in Nassau
Street; and being joined by Bellew � who made Walt�s
acquaintance for the first time � descended to Lager beer
and an hour�s talk � Sewell of the �Times� coming in
anon.    Bellew during his residence at Concord had
known Emerson, and the conversation ran, at first,
on him, then diverging to America and the future.  /
Walked to Fowler and Wells with Walt subsequently,
and got his newly published book.     Other calls.  Courier               
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