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Text for Page 064 [09-12-1856]

Office, Post Office, Picayune &c.     Rode up town
with Levison.    Drawing in afternoon.      Bellew re-
turning from cricket match at Hoboken (with Haney), ap-
peared at supper.      Out with him, Levison, and Sol
to Honey�s tavern; there till 10.  Ale and welsh
rarebits, Levison talking of his paper.    With Sol
looking on at a Fillmore procession subsequently.
  13.  Saturday .   Down town for wood blocks &c.
Letter from Alf Waud.      Drawing.     To Mercantile
Library and Astor.       Evening with Wood and young
Clarence Eyting at Honeys.                    It would seem
that Banks is going to bad rather rapidly.   Wood
says he gets drunk five nights out o� six and loafs
at his office.
  14.  Sunday. To Pounden�s at Brooklyn, where
I dined with him, his wife and a girl, sister of the lat-
ters.  Stayed till sunset, and then down the treey avenue
and through the evening glory to Parton�s.    Only the
family (including Miss Jacobs) at home.    Parton has
left the Life Illustrated, and purports to devote himself
to his projected �Life of Burr� forthwith.  Stayed till
10 or so.
  15.  Monday.  Down town calls.  Masons, Sunday
Courier Office (for $2 payment for yesterday�s article) Pica-
yune &c.       With Bellew awhile, walking to Wall Street
and talking over mutual misapprehensions of character in
the old �Lantern� time.      He appears to have detested
me with equal cordiality, then.     �Tis said O�Brien has               
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