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Text for Page 065 [09-15-1856]

money left him in Ireland.   May be.       To Leslie�s
where were Brightly, Leslie and others, with Sol Ey-
tinge perspiring over a huge drawing, and a man bother-
ing him about the inacuracy of the locality.        To Blee-
cker and drawing.   Notions for Strong.  At work till
  16.   Tuesday .   Drawing hard, all day, � cuts
for my book.
  I learnt this morning the true cause of Haney and
Sol�s non-intercourse.    Sol has conveyed away �Allie
Vernon� somewhere, and is now keeping her as his
mistress.           The husband Covill was yesterday at the
Picayune Office, crying, and asking of Levison (who is 
my informant) the address of Sol�s mother.      It appears
Haney took Sol to  Street, and introduced him
to Allie, and an intrigue immediately followed, result
ing in her abandoning Covill.             Hence Sol�s cham-
pionship of Allie against Watson is explained.     Haney
had words with him on the subject, and cut him.  Sol
knew the husband too.        Levison�s wife knows all this,
and was present some part of the time while he spoke of
it.                  Sol�s an ass and Allie a little strumpet
� as I always was inclined to think her.     She is inca-
pable of affection towards him, or any man, and tis a
matter of pure convenience � perhaps alloyed by a sensual
liking for his handsome person.     The man Covill she
married � that she might be kept � committing an
illegal act in so doing, as her first husband got a               
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