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Text for Page 068 [09-16-1856]

is, he�s had his amours too.
  Eminently New Yorkish, the whole of it!
  It is my deliberate conviction that this country is morally
rotten throughout.   Adultery, Fornication and Abortion are
rampant every where.   The oldest vices exist in diabolic vigor in this
model Republic, � and it Won�t last.
              x                    x                   x                      x
  I had thought once, kind, chaste, good, loving Hannah
Bennett, in case of death taking away from me
the hope of making you mine own dear Wife, � to leave
you these records.        But would it be well to let you
see how vile a world I�m living in?   Oh how little you
ken of what is done, every day!       Alf Waud runs
away with another man�s wife, and now lives in adultery
with her.      Will Waud seduces a poor girl who loves him,
and deserts her and her child.       Sol Eytinge is a double
adulterer.       I�d swear that Parton had a husband�s
privilege before his marriage ��      Let him that is without
sin cast the first stone!    God pardon us!
  Deliver us from temptation!    Lord Christ deliver us
from temptation!   Amen!
  A mob out�s doors, yelling and hooting like fiends on
some dirty political row � as I write.     �Tis near mid-
night.    How looks Chacombe now?  Oh Hannah, may
God in Heaven bless you!
  17.  Wednesday.      To Masons and had a talk
about book.   He proposes to pay me my tenths on
the sale only on the disposal of the third thousand,               
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