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Text for Page 069 [09-17-1856]

then to cash up from commencement.       Return
drawing and writing to Alf Waud anent cuts to
book &c.    Called at Greene Street in the evening
and saw Mrs Jewell and her daughters.        She,
with Mrs Sexton designs journeying to the Catskills
tomorrow, there to join �Mrs Hill.�           Sol�s
sister has been ^|here| several times during the day as has
Covill.  He (Sol) only appeared once, for a few min-
utes, going into the basement (of which he retains the
key.           Allie�s trunk is there.          I walked down
the street in his rear, designing to pass him, leisurely,
and thus ascertain whether he would chose to accost me.
On gaining Broadway he dived into a Lager Bier
cellar.           Writing to Alf Waud during the afternoon,
principally about cuts to book.
  18.  Thursday.   Nothing but Sol�s escapade talked 
of at the breakfast table.     Covill below with a policeman
wanting to effect entrance into Sol�s room to seize box.
I saw him.         A puny, frail looking fellow, a mere
boy.              Mrs Potter, our landlady denominates
Eytinge �a villain� and says the husband ought to hire
a nigger to assault him.  Mrs Levison suggests a
pistol. Levison assumes a slightly moral perch, but
asserts that anybody would have done the same �if they
had the chance.�     Haney �feels bad about it� as he
introduced Sol to the house of Allie�s husband.  All
sorts of details came out.     Mrs Levison tells Mrs
Potter, Mrs Gouverneur and myself how, during               
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