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Text for Page 070 [09-18-1856]

her recent sojourn at Staten Island, Levison brought
down, among the Picayune letters, one for �Bell Thorne�
care of J. C. Haney � which �by mistake� he (Levison)
opened.   �Twas from some paramour of the chaste
Allie�s � an impassioned, highly-colored salaciously scandal-
ous business, out-heroding the famous Consuelo letter
of the Forrest trial, and leaving little doubt of the
nature of the intimacy between them.           To the
Tribune Office where I saw Dana; to Leslie�s with
information about certain Kansas photographer at the
former place.    Leslie asking me to step round to
the Editorial rooms in Frankfort street, I discover
Sol�s hiding place.    He twas at work in a little room,
key inside � no response on knocking.     Going to the
Picayune Office I find Haney sick.              He bids me
caution Sol of his danger of being arrested for larceny
on the box question; and tells me his side of the
affair.              Allie had tried impropriety with him,
commencing by assuming penitence, acknowledging �she
had been very foolish� in the past, and declaring
she wished to be good &c.     A correspondence took
place between them, which Allie soon wished to make
warmer than Haney expected.            His old and just es-
timate of her character had become softened by her pro-
fessions, disconsolations, simulations, but (he says) he
didn�t go in for an intrigue.             She said he mistook
her, and the like.       Meantime he, Sol and Will
Waud frequented her boarding house nocturnally,               
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