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Text for Page 071 [09-18-1856]

got up little suppers and indulged in all the little
provocations that grow on the brink of the ditch lechery.
Josey was a visitor, too, and Master Will Waud
�was mad after her.�  He would fain have
anticipated Sol�s present r�le, and persuaded her
to leave her husband; being only prevented by
a hint from Haney, conveyed through Sol.    Well,
Haney soon began to suspect Sol�s game.    His ab-
sences from the boarding-house, when he was presu-
med to be visiting his mother at Long Island,
were spent at a place in the �English Neighbour-
hood�, at the back of Fort Lee, where Allie
had gone to, for a summer week or so.    And
so the business grew to its present aspect.    /  To
the Post Office, and then, leaving a line of caution
for Sol, I returned up town, to dinner.
  A letter from Hannah.   I put this in a distinct
sentence, that it may not be soiled with the foetid
matter preceeding it.     Ought opportunity to her pure 
self should receive reverence.   Now to my puddle again.
  I sat drawing till sunset, Haney being sick and
a bed in his own room, at the other angle of the attic
floor, when Sol came up, and asked me about �that
d__d mysterious letter,� � as he called it.    I told
him what had taken place at the house, he appearing
defiant and excited. �He knew what he had been
about!� �He�d done what anybody would have done,               
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