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Text for Page 073 [09-19-1856]

on my last night�s visit, from Clare and his sister�s
reception.       Yet Covill had intimated his intention
of seeing Mrs Eytinge, inquiring the address of Haney,
and saying he could get it from the Directory, if
refused information.       The mother�s anxiety had
been excited by a newspaper description of a drowned
man, which she fancied, resembled Sol.            Of course
I didn�t enlighten Clarence.
  Writing to Hannah during the evening.  Up till 12.
Pounden came up.
  20.  Saturday.   Drawing till 2, rain pour-
ing down heavily out o� doors.   Rawson Gill came
up.        His mother, Mrs Gouverneur has been staying
here some two or three days.       She is a handsome,
ill-bred, selfish cockneyish woman, has been twice
married, and will be again, as she thinks
of little else.   She is well to do, having a pleasant
place up the Hudson, near West Point, where she
resides during the summer, coming to a New York
hotel for the benefit of balls and flirtations in
winter.     She sheds her H�s right and left, is
prone to ask favors of everbody, to do little and
great meanesses, and to chatter.      Withal she�s ra-
ther agreable when flattered, and in good humor �
and, as aforesaid, is pretty, as well as plump.
I had a chaffy conversation with her and Mrs
Potter, at the widow�s chamber door.    Her room
adjoins mine, and after retiring, at night, we               
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