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Text for Page 075 [09-21-1856]

  21. Sunday.    In doors, reading, all the dull
wet day.    To Chapin�s at night.
  22.  Monday.     A letter from Alf Waud.   He
not surprised at Sol�s escapade as Will �had posted
him on the existing state of affairs, his principal ob-
ject in clearing out from New York being to avoid the
catastrophe.    He was only uncertain whether it would
be Sol or Haney, but it appears Sol has cut our
dark friend out.       He indignantly denies the sister
business and says he resisted temptation.�      Ahem!
So Haney�s tarred with the same brush too.  /   Wrote
answer to Alf.         Down town in the afternoon, met
Welden in Broadway and (rather) in liquor.      He told
me he was acting as amateur thief catcher, spake mys-
teriously of a dishonest piano forte maker, of whom
he was going to buy an instrument anon for detective
purposes.         Also he assured me, gravely enough, that
he had a presentment he shouldn�t live to see the New 
Year.        To Express Office and sent off blocks to
Boston.       Returning after other calls met Wood,
and heard details of Sol�s escapade.    Allie was re-
cognizable by somebody at Rathburn�s Hotel, Brooklyn,
who, probably, informed Covill.   The twain had register-
ed themselves as �Mr Eytinge and lady.�    Wood went
over to pay their bill, amounting to $20.       The
Thursday evening proved an eventful one for Sol.
As I was journeying up the Sixth Avenue, his mother
was on the way to Bleecker Street, � under the mis-               
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