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Text for Page 077 [09-24-1856]

  24.   Wednesday.   Drawing till 1, then down town.
Picayune Office, Wells & Webb, Strong�s &c.    Met
my old pupil Morse.     Returning through Greene St
was summoned to enter by Selina Jewell.       Her
mother and sister returned from the Catskills on Mon-
day.       I saw the latter, and till now had no idea
that red hair in a woman could look so attractive.   Mrs
Sexton had her hair loose, being arranging it, and it
resembled ripply, burnished, silky gold and was down-
right beautiful.          Her face however though fairish isn�t
handsome.     Selina�s dark haired and well looking, but thin
and affected.              Talk about �Mrs Hill.�     The servant
who accompanied her from Boston knows the secret �
and has a husband whom she ran away from � also to
another man.     Mountain House closed.   /   Drawing
till late.    A ramble at 11, for contrast & then to bed.
  25.  Thursday.   Down town, and drawing.
Hayes called, having just arrived from England.
A fellow voyager with him.      Bellew up.
  26. Friday.  Down town & drawing.       Illish
during the last four days � brain worry.
  27.  Saturday.  A letter from Mr Greatbatch.
All well.    They have built a house (16 by 24 feet),
and have been living in it several weeks, though �tis
not yet plastered; have a stable, two horses and a
wagon.            Down town calls.  Saw Hayes : and
brought back some drawings I had left at Strongs.
A little matagrabolized about it, as I�m ill content               
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