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Text for Page 078 [09-27-1856]

to break in on $200 in bank.
  28.  Sunday.  At work on drawings for my
book till 4, when I turned out with intent to go to Brook-
lyn and visit Parton, but after a walk to the Bowery
abandoned the idea, went down town, looked in at French�s
without finding Hayes, and returned to supper.      Talking
in the boarding house parlor during the evening with Mrs
Gouverneur, a Miss Church, and occasionally Mrs Potter
and Leslie, the former being intermittently present.
  Mrs Gouverneur is a type of class of woman very common in
England.     Her wont of self-respect is supplied by a 
sort of tetchy impulsive manifestation of temper prompting
her to the utterance of rude things, for which she will,
immediately afterwards, beg pardon with equally obnoxious and
half false humility.                 She wants to good will of every-
body but her tongue is invariably active in getting her into 
mischief.    She is as greedy of flattery as a coquette
of 18.       She as clamorously denies her wish to catch
another husband as she openly betrays herself by her
willingness to go into the subject with anybody, or on
any occasion.     She alternately depreciates herself and flings
in her sham humility as ground bait for compliment,
or assumes the airs of a triumphant belle.    Withal
she has a sort of surface good nature, and is every-
way so transparently cunning as to be almost amusing.
Her children are brought up horribly.      The little girl
May, though a pretty child, is an arrant despot over
her mother, horribly jealous of her brothers and � the mo-               
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