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Text for Page 145 [07-25-1850]

              a terrific extent.  Going out for a few seconds happened to chance
upon Manning, of the Wenham passengers!  Of him I learnt
some droll particulars of fellow voyagers.    That Hooper had spent some months
on Blackwells Island for assaulting a nigger, that subsequently he had
been in copartnership with the travelled valet we knew aboard the Wen-
ham, and that their business was exhibiting a peep-show representing
Rome about the streets.  That the [Moivedt?] family were here still. That
he had met Captain Wyhe at Baltimore, and his daughters. Also that
Moses (Oh Moses!) had a brother, a jeweler there.    Also that he
himself, Manning had been in New Orleans, whither he intended returning.
Giving my address to him we parted.             Saw �the Doctor� and Mearson
once or twice, the latter writing notes about how his secession from the
paper should be announced.  Don�t like him a bit.	   Scoring away
with pen, and using scissors till 1/2 past six. 	       Rushing in every
now and then, caught Badean; � who says he�ll pay � I don�t know
but that he will, after all.
  26. Friday.  To the �Life� Office meeting Mearson and Donovan by the
way, � the latter much discontent with the notice of his non-connection with the
paper inserted by Mattice.	 The paper out.  Talk with Ward of the
history of its projection, Andrews &c.      Then back to Canal.    In the
afternoon to Duane St, and to Rabineaus with Mr Hart and Mapother.
Evening in doors with Mapother calling.     Writing letter to Naomi.
  27. Saturday.  To the post office with letters for home, and
newspapers.      Then to Life Office.   Editorializing all the morning;               
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