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Text for Page 079 [09-28-1856]

ther says � of everybody who approaches her.       She raised
a dismal uproar on Mrs G�s kissing Ellen Levison,
�before her own child �� as she called it � nor would be
pacified for half an hour.              The mother will promise
her a kiss if she�ll �be good� for ten minutes, where
the little spoilt wretch will set up her pipes and yell
that she can�t be good for so long, and so by dint of
clamor, compel easier terms.      More perverted and sel-
fish affection I never saw.           Worst of all the silly
mother prides herself on it.                         The boy Rawson
� the product of her first marriage � has no share of af-
fection accorded him, and pretty well knows it.      He
has a common, coarsish face, whereas the other twain,
the younger boy and May are pretty children.    Yet I
am mistaken if Rawson isn�t the truest natured of
the lot.
  29.  Monday.   Ceaseless rain all day.        In doors
Writing �R.R.R� testimonials, on suggestion of Bellew.
Two letters, one presumably from a well-to-do hypo-
chondriac taking a dismal view of life; the other the
reverse in both cases.     Drawing at night.
  30.  Tuesday.   Drawing. Caricatures for Nick
Nax.   Took down a pile of them to Haney in the af-
ternoon, as the two days rain cleared up, and
walked half the way up town with him.    He and
Sol are on apparently friendly terms again; but
the latter has got up sulks towards me, learning
from a letter of Will Waud�s (to Wood) that they               
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