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Text for Page 080 [09-30-1856]

know of his recent escapade in Boston.   (Alf knew of
it before my writing, from his brother.)
  1.  Wednesday.   Drawing on mahogany � poster for
Levison.     Took it down to office by 1.   Got paid
up for cuts $19.50/100.       Up town per omnibus with
Levison & Haney.     Drawing all the afternoon
[words crossed out]   Round to Jewell�s (Mrs) in the 
evening, having a letter from �Mrs Hill� to deliver.
Took a night ramble afterwards.         A wintry night,
and Broadway all-alive with a Fillmore procession of
ostensible cartmen � from whence it appeared that a great
many carts, on some hoarse men, and a large number
of boys are in favor of Fillmore�s re-elevation to the Presi-
dential chair.         Met Welden farther on, closely shaved
, as has been his custom of late, and rather drunk.
He began to talk of Walt Whitman and �that nasty, beastly
w___e house book of his,� and pronounced him deserving
of being whipped on his bare back �till the blood ran down!�
  Back to my cold bed by 11 1/2.
  2.  Tuesday.   Drawing till 4 P.M.     Then
to Brooklyn and Parton�s.    A pleasant talking
evening with them.  Both Fanny and her husband
have been sick, she being still under medical treat-
ment, but for no great matter, I think.            She
can�t stand certain passages in Walt�s new volume
� albeit she praised the former one highly.        I               
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