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Text for Page 081 [10-02-1856]

learnt something of Parton which has amused me.
Banks sent him a copy of �Lobscouse� (proofs) re-
questing introduction to a publisher &c &c � also beg-
ging that the application might be kept a secret from
me.         Hitherto Parton said nothing about it, under
the idea that I didn�t know of the book�s existence,
but conversation drifting towards Banks, he spoke
of it.       �The book�s horrid nonsense� said Parton, 
�so I sent it back with a civil note.�               Poor Banks!
hapless book!! more hapless dollars expended in stereotyping!!!
Banks is certainly one of the most impudent of men in
his peculiar way.    He once rushed up to Parton in
Broadway and asked whether �that long-faced woman�
he walked with wasn�t Fanny Fern?                 After a
very free and easy talk about courtesans with Alf Waud,
Wood and Eytinge, he addressed the latter, with
�Come now!   Bai Jove they say you�ve got some dev-
lish pretty sisters � why don�t you introduce a feller.�
This was the cause of the split �twixt Sol and Banks,
and the former hates him like the devil now.   Banks
quarreled � or rather was cut by Haney, (who like
everybody else  took a turn in maintaining him
once) in consequence of Banks expressing his convictions
of the accessibility of Haney�s landlady.       Haney was
very indignant at it, but one night came home drunk
and the idea running in his head, he ���
  3.  Friday.   Alf Waud came, just arrived
from Boston, on his way to the Catskills.     After               
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