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Text for Page 082 [10-03-1856]

he had washed &c went round to Mrs Jewell�s.
Only Miss Selina there.       To Honeys tavern for
Alf to get breakfast.      He looks very hearty, and
had come on to make sketches for Ballou, as well as
the Catskill project.         To Frankfort Street, where
we met Leslie and Hitchcock, the latter just returned
from Central America, (where his comrade Baker died.)
All took a drink.              Alf and I to the Picayune
Office, saw Levison.          Found Bellew and Haney
dining in a restaurant opposite.    Anon they left and
Sol Eytinge came up.      He talked with Alf awhile
and then had a row with me, using any amount of foul
language.   I told him he was an ass and a liar, and
anticipated a fight, but the matter ended with talk.
Meantime Banks came up, and began to talk with
me, and little Perkins, the lithographer.      Banks
hopeless about �his book�.   Says he shall send it to some
English publisher � give it away.            An hour or so�s de-
lay and we parted at the Astor, Alf going over to 
Communipaw to sketch, Banks accompanying him, and
I up town per omnibus.        Drawing in the afternoon.
Hayes came, intending to report for Boston, at once,
but hearing of Alf deferred  doing it.   To
Mrs Jewell�s in the evening, where I found Alf.
All together, Mrs J, her daughter and us in the
basement.        Selma�s lover Johnstone coming, she left
us for him.            I left shortly after, Alf remaining
there for the night.               
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