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Text for Page 083 [10-04-1856]

  4.  Saturday.     Alf came up at 11 1/2.  With him
round to Greene Street, where Miss Selina was ma-
king ready to accompany him, to visit her sister at
the Catskills.             It oddly enough happens that at this
present time Brainard has just gone on to Boston.
Chance has again stood Alf�s friend.      He talks
vindictively about the husband.        He, (Alf) had
an interview with old Jewell yesterday, who wanted
him and his daughter to come and live with him, in
Greenwich Street � or at least offered to furnish �em
with house room.           (This man has a housekeeper
who is, also, his mistress.)               Saw Alf and Seli-
na Jewell off by the cars; and then down town
About my own business.     To Leslie�s, Wells & Webb�s,
Picayune Office, with Bellew to Radways, met
O�Brien &c &c.             Up town to dinner, and to
work the rest of the day.                    A letter from
George Clarke yesterday.
  5.  Sunday.  In doors writing and reading
�Dred� till evening.     Then visited the Edwardses.
Haney there.     Walked back together.
  6.  Monday.   In doors drawing and writing.
  7.  Tuesday.   To Leslie�s.  Sent off cuts to
Andrew and block to Alf Waud.       Evening at
Mrs Jewells.    Miss S just returned.
  8.  Wednesday.  Down town.      Return, and
drawing all the rest of the day, evening included.
  9.   Thursday.  Drawing.   Calling at               
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