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Text for Page 084 [10-09-1856]

Mrs Jewell�s in the evening I found a common-
faced man waiting on the door step, who repeated
my ring at the bell with violence, and on the ap-
pearance of Mrs Sexton assailed her very grossly,
being, apparently, under the combined influences of liquor
and jealousy.      His first inquiry was why didn�t she
make haste to let �her man� in. (    I soon gathered from
his words that he was her husband.)        Mrs Jewell
coming up stairs at the clamor the fellow vilified
her also, talking to her as to the mistress of a
brothel, charging her with abetting her daughters pros-
titution &c.        My first impulse was to hit him straight
between the eyes, drag him out to the street and commence
pounding him; but two or three people had collected at
the uproar, and were listening to his charges; I saw
no good would come out of a brawl, said a few
words to the ass and left.
  10.  Friday.  Drawing and down town.      An
evening walk.
  11.  Saturday.  Drawing, and down town with
drawings for Nic nax, (6 of them.)     To Radways
&c.      Evening to Greene Street.  Saw Mrs J and
at a later period of the evening, her daughters.    She
had had Sexton bound over to keep the peace towards
her; talked about him as a worthless fellow &c, who
didn�t maintain his wife &c.     (I had heard some
little of him from Waud, � how �Nelly� married him
in order to screen him from prosecution by her               
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