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Text for Page 085 [10-11-1856]

father for some pecuniary rascality he had committed.)
  12.  Sunday.   Over to Parton�s in the after-
noon, and stayed till 10 or so.     Returning to
New York met Banks in Broadway.    He had been
rambling to Harlem with Bellew, throughout the day.
We took lager at Ittmers.      Banks was unusually
dogmatic, wrong headed, paradoxical, disputatious and
generally offensive.     I let him have his way, mostly,
studying him.      How can I, at any time have got up
any sort of sympathy or liking for such a man?  Yet
I used to lie awake, planning for the nuisance�s welfare?
His every opinion is expressed insultingly, and at war with
common sense.    He is the worst bred individual I have
ever met.          His dogmatism and conceit � now that he
isn�t a beggar � is something wonderful.            His self-com-
placency � which I formerly took for hopefulness and good
temper � is an insult to any one in whose company
he chances to be.
  13.  Monday.  In doors drawing, and re-
turned uptown with Bellew, looking in at Appleton�s
store, (where Bellew has engaged an office) by the
way.            The Firemens annual parade in opera-
tion, thoroughfare blockaded.          Looking on at
the red shirts and fire engines all the afternoon,
from our parlor window, as the procession defiled
down Bleecker.           To Edwards� at night.   Haney
there.       Rain storm at night.
14.	Tuesday.  Dull, dank, cold and dismal.               
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