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Text for Page 087 [10-17-1856]

Alf had paid him some $50 or so for the
past, and proposed forwarding the remainder from
New York or Boston, he not having the money at
present.    Falk humming and ha-ing the offer chose
to come hither with him, where Alf, very characteristi-
cally determined on bilking him � temporarily.    He
left him waiting at one entrance of a lager beer
place in Nassau Street, slipped out at the other,
and came up town to me.        Went round to
Greene Street together after tea.    Mrs Jewell,
Sexton, Selina there, with �Mrs Hill� and the
baby.    Alf returning with me, � thinking it prudent
not to accept Mrs J�s invitation � occupies a room
opposite mine; to which he retired after a long talk.
  18.  Saturday.  Non mi recordo.
  19.  Sunday.  An afternoon�s walk with Alf
to the Battery, setting out with the intention of visiting
Swinton at Staten Island, but Alf delayed us, by
stopping with Sol in the basement, till the trip was
inadvisable.     A dullish day with a red sunset.
Myself out of tune and hyppish, Alf talking
as is his wont, of which anon.    He went to Jewells
in the evening.      I was there, with him, yester
  20, 21, and 22.  Monday to Wednesday.
Drawing busily for book, with necessary dashes
down town.   Alf with me pretty constantly.    He               
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