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Text for Page 088 [10-22-1856]

projected departing on Wednesday, leaving �her� in
her present quarters until he secured accommodation
in Boston.      His stay among the Catskills has been
employed in making sketches for our proposed guide
book.      Will wrote to him, while there, from Boston,
twice.           As aforesaid the husband, Brainard,
has been on to Boston, during Alf�s absence � chance,
as usual aiding the latter.      It would seem that Orr
the engraver introduced Brainard to Brightly, who
gave him a letter to one of Alf�s Boston acquaintances
� from whom, however, he obtained no intelligence,
and who communicated to Will the fact of the inquiry.
  Alf�s peculiar position and responsibilities have told
upon him.     He is nervous.       When talking confiden-
tially his voice has an accent of latent moodiness and
resentfulness, as though he felt himself haunted.
He talks of hate toward the husband and says he
shouldn�t feel any remorse if he were to kill him.
He never affected much faith in anybody, he now
affects less.       Her he believes in and, certainly,
loves very passionately.     He talked very freely of her
� more so, I think, than I should, were I in his
position.    His curious candor smacked of Americanism.
Not that he was gross � but in common with many
Yankees I�ve known, he�d tell me things, betoke-
ning (I think) a want of delicacy and good taste.
It is well to have scorn of that false modesty
which would ignore the relations of one sex to the               
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