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Text for Page 146 [07-27-1850]

              writing leader for next week &c.       Returning up Broadway, when passing
Anthony heard a shout, and looking round saw young Louis David,
of Philadelphia Dock Street.  He fixing up a liquor saloon on his own
hook having had some disagreement with his father.     /        Remained
in-doors all the rest of the day, all the evening being engaged in
turning over my books for the delectatation of Mr Brown.
  28  Sunday.  Did not go out till evening: chiefly occupied in
reading Robertsons History of the Discovery of America. 	Then to Duane
Street, and with Hart, Royal, Hunter and Joe to the Battery &
Rabineaus.  There for a couple of hours, then a brandy-smash at
Sherwoods, then severation from them at their door.  A glorious
storm at night, drenching rain, thunder and lightning almost every
twenty seconds interval.
  29. Monday.  Office both morn and afternoon editorializing.  Evening
to Duane Street, and with Hart, Mapother, Joe and Martin to
the Chamber Street North River-pier, there mounting on the big piles
sate gazing at the lightnings playing over little Jersey, at the count-
less stars studding the canopy above; and getting a little ventilation
for our reeking selves.                 Pheu!  curse the mosquito-bites.
  30. Tuesday. �Life� Office all the morning.   Called at the �Atlas�
Office and saw Southworth.	  /          Mattice not visible during the morning.
Afternoon reading &c.     At night to Duane Street, and with Hart,
Martin and Mapother to Chamber Street pier.       Seated on pile with               
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