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Text for Page 093 [10-22-1856]

Mrs Portiphar to his Joseph, bundled the servant
out of the room when he visited her and otherwise
hinted accessability.    Going out with her, or meeting
her in Broadway, he took her down to some re-
freshment place, and popped upon Sol, Haney, Wood
&c.        He tells how when they were all in a
boat together, Allie, her husband, Josey, Sol and
Haney, the two latter cuddling the former, Covill
roaring, and Josey sitting near him, she began to
complain in her idiotically affected way that there
was nobody to make poor ittle Jothey tumforthable,
and to wish Mr Somebody wath there &c! Haney
and Sol both are positive as to Will�s Juanic in-
tentions.    I think him as innocent � as they are,
and not a whit more.           He corresponds with
the girl he seduced at Sydenham.      She is a
mother, lives with her parents, who are � not
without reason, I think � down on him.      He some-
times thinks � he says � of bringing her to America,
and marrying her.     Says also that she is a fool,
that �twas her fault, she used to come in his
room, that she went in the country and came
back with the portrait of a cousin &c &c.
  23.  Thursday.   Indoors drawing all day.
A sketch for a Horse Medicine poster.     At sunset
out to take it to the man.     Met Bellew, (who
offers me a place in his office.)     Alf out sketching.
Called at Jewells at night, then to Edwards.               
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