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Text for Page 094 [10-24-1856]

  24.  Friday.    At Bellew�s Office.   It is
a very large handsome room in Appleton�s building
Broadway, for which he will pay $300 a year.
I had been up once or twice before, in his company.
Tis as yet unfurnished, having only one lengthy table, 
and a smaller one.         I�m drawing for him � a big
dog for �Porters Spirit.�   Alf off this afternoon, with
�wife� and baby.       I saw them into vehicle at Jewells.
  25.  Saturday.   Bellew called, as yesterday, and
to the office together.      Calls at Warren St for payment
for sketch, to Post Office &c     to Office.    Banks up,
rude, as usual.      Up town to dinner by 2, and did 
not return.
  26.  Sunday.  Bellew came.  Told how he
had thrashed Banks last night.    Having been drinking
on an empty stomach, he, at the Ornithoryncus under-
took to tell Banks what every body knows of him, that
he was ungrateful, and insolent.  What the provocation
was is dubious.  Going out in Broadway subsequently,
Banks said something as to Bellew having made a
fool of himself, accompanying it with a threat of what
he would have done had he (Bellew) been sober.   Where-
upon after a word or so Bellew pitched into him.   They
had two rounds, and Banks got very severely punish-
ed.    Bellews under lip was slightly swollen � that�s
all.           To the Office with him after some delay,
he calling in at the Ornithoryncus, to see Cahill the fellow
who as present during the fight.         From his account               
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