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Text for Page 095 [10-26-1856]

and that of Mrs Newman it would appear that Bel-
lew�s verbal onslaught on to Banks was scarcely
warranted, or provoked by any particular offence.
(Nevertheless Banks general demeanor justifies both that
and the licking.)          So Bellew wrote an apology for
what he�d said, excluding the fight, which he con-
sidered justifiable, and committed it to me for
delivery, on my return up town to dinner.      Sat
in the office till 1 �, then out together, he intending
accepting my suggestion of dining with me.   But meeting
Sol Eytinge, who was coming to the Office to help
Bellew on a drawing, the two turned back toget-
her, leaving me with Wood, Froom and another.
Froom has just returned from Jamaica.       Called
at the �Shades�, a tavern, and found Banks,
with a rather swollen face and cut nose at dinner.
He was unnaturally civil, asked me to drink,
received the letter, read it, said nothing about it,
and walked up Broadway to Bleecker Street, with
me.     The licking has done him good.   I felt more
friendly disposed to him than I have for a long time.
Didn�t go out after dinner.         Re-reading Pendennis
and writing � or rather scribbling � the last ten pages.
  I�ve forgotten one thing, too.       On Saturday Mrs
Sexton called, with a note which her mother had
received from old Falk.       It threatened adverti-
sing Alf in the Boston and New York papers,
if Falks bill were not paid.     Sent it on to Boston.               
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