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Text for Page 096 [10-26-1856]

  I wonder where Lotty is? Has she ac-
companied Alleyne to England, or merely gone to
another city?      The name doesn�t appear on the
bills at Wallacks now.
  27.  Monday.  Letters from England. From my
mother, Hannah and Boutcher.  The first contains
sombre news.    My father has lain sick for fourteen
days of a gastric fever, which seized him while at
Milton, a sea-side resort to which he, my mother
and sisters had gone.      They feared that each day
might prove his last.    But the strength of his constitu-
tion overcame the disease � yet he has not quitted his
chamber for seven weeks.      His cough and tendency to
spitting � both of which left him during the continuance
of the fever � have returned, and he still complains
of a severe pain in the side.     He is thin and emaciated.
�God knows what the winter will bring forth,� adds
my mother.
  All this sounds very solemn.  Shall I never see
my father again?      God forgive me for having thought
indifferently � unkindly-of him at times!   God be merci-
ful to all of us!  We need charity and merciful con-
struction, every hour of our lives!     He is my father,
� poor od man, God pity him! � and if I hear
that he�s gone � I shall feel sad, sorry, self
reproachful that I hadn�t loved him more ��
  I think now of his face, and wish, and wish 
I could tell him how I would have wished to love him               
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