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Text for Page 098 [10-31-1856]

lady�s purse, projecting a partnership with a
lithographer, taking a villa in the country
&c.              A friend of Boutchers dined with
Mrs Stowe�s daughters and describes them as �most
gentlemanly young ladies.           Amy Allom is mar-
ried � not to the Australian Braithwaite.    �The
old cock� quoth Boutcher �will probably be the
next to sling himself up� � or to �take a house-
keeper,�     George Clarke�s rusticating � will
probably bring a wife to town with him.    Corny
Bagster has �had all his family pigging at his rooms,�
projected crossing the Atlantic with �em and � didn�t.
  Boutcher has done some drawing for the Illustrated
News, illustrated Loftus�s Babylonian book &c.
  Now to myself.            I share Bellew�s newly
take office.  �Tis a perfect Salisbury plain of
a room, almost unfurnished.       There are two
tables, one a sunall, the latter a lengthy and
narrow one, appertaining to the official purposes
of former occupants.     Bellew does Picayune or
Nicnax work, having contracted for both, or
labors on a big water color dozen of cricketers, which
he will have to put on stone.     I work at the draw-
ings for my book, or what else I can get to do.
  What an absurdly unjust and false estimation
had I of Bellew.      He is � if I be not now mis-
taken � one of the most kindly natured and un-
affected of gentlemen.   I am learning to like               
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