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Text for Page 099 [10-31-1856]

him immensely.      O�Brien comes up some times.
Stone too has turned up, being in New York
for the purpose of exhibiting and selling certain
drawings of his � now on view at Goupils.     They
are the best things he has ever produced � which
is not saying much.    He reports them as nearly
all sold.                  Old Falk has been writing
letters full of wrath and despair touching Alf�s
debt � to Mrs Jewell, to myself, to Haney
(two letters!) and lastly to old Jewell.   How he
discovered the addresses of the first and last I
don�t know.         The letters are the most absurdly
lachrymose, ungrammatical, demi-impertinent pro-
ductions conceivable.      He threatens to advertise
Alf in the New York and Boston papers, to
�never give no credit� to others &c, and otherwise
bewails his anticipated loss of $ 35 most bitterly.
Never was there such a tempest in a tea pot.
I�ve written him a letter full of dignified impu-
dence � in the third person, which will, I expect
perfectly floor the old ass.           There�s no fear
of his losing his money � nor would Alf have
served him the trick but for his over caution in
accompanying him to New York.             I�ve
had a letter from Alf.        All safe in Boston.
A policeman told a friend of his he had authority
to break open doors � anent the Brainard en-
quiry. �Pleasant!� ejaculates Alf.     Andrew               
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