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Text for Page 100 [10-31-1856]

has written acceptation of terms proposed to him,
and is progressing with my cuts.           Met Ar-
nold the other day.     He�s sub editorializing for
the Sunday Mercury.              Leslie has made a
smash � �tis well I didn�t go to Kansas.          No
remittances, and nearly a thousand miles from
New York, winter coming on, and a wild country
would not present a desirable look out.          I�ve
written to Mr Greatbatch.    Also to Hannah �
(bless her!)     Went over to Parton�s with Haney
on Thursday night.        A somewhat dull evening.
Fortune telling and cards.       Parton looks ill.
I find Haney detests Oliver Dyer � as I do � 
and contemns the ass Perkins.    Neither were there.
Parton is very good natured � or weak � to tolerate
that Dyer in his house.           The fellow ought to
have been born a snake.              
  Mrs Gouverneur�s back at our boarding house
with her spoiled child, little May.    Also Patten
and his wife.    He a hard-visaged, dogmatic,
ill-bred  politician � an ex-custom
house officer and place-seeker.       His wife, spare,
dark eyed, her hair in curls, good natured,
talkative, shrewd, energetic down easter.    I like               
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