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Text for Page 101 [10-31-1856]

the woman for her cheerfulness and devotion to her
husband.                      On my chaffing Mrs Gou-
verneur about her looking �double-chinny� she ac-
tually tied her chin up in an handkerchief, to re-
press that imaginary tendency!    She is a curious
compound of frankness, folly, goodnature, meanness,
and cunning.        She bewails her growing
older, yet fancies she looks much younger than
she is � declares she don�t want to get married, yet
is always planning and talking on the subject � is
fond of her children (two of them)  yet mismanages
them horribly.                       Sol Eytinge appears
but at morning table � generally towards the close
at breakfast.    His office on the paper continues.
  1.  Saturday.    Office with Bellew.  Down
town, met him at Nassau Street.     About together.
Didn�t return to Office after dinner.       Sick and
sore throaty.    Took bath, writing, and bed.
  2. Sunday.    With Bellew, who called in the
morning, to Honey�s.    Long talk there.   He has
taken a house.  (Says that Banks reports that
a bone of his face was fractured in the fight.)
Roberts the engraver in at Honeys.            Did               
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