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Text for Page 102 [11-02-1856]

not go out any more that day.      Reading.
  3.  Monday.   Office.     To the Picayune &
Wells and Webb�s.     Office.    Writing at night.
Met Underhill of the Tribune, going up town.
  Tomorrow the Presidential Election occurs.
I fancy no greater question has ever rested with
men to decide, for good or ill, than this one �
whether Slavery shall have the Mastery of the
Future � as it has of the Past � or receive a solemn
and stern check.
  I don�t believe there�s virtue enough in the country
to elect Fremont.    God grant I may be mista-
ken!    Amen!
  4.  Tuesday .     With Levison and Patten
to the polls, to the voters, who had formed a 
queue, � then down town.   A dull, overcast day
resulting in unceasing rain.        To Nassau Street
getting clothing &c, about hither and thither, return-
ing at 2, up town in stage, wet, miry and ill.
Writing to my mother at night.
  5.  Wednesday .   Windy and chill.   To Office
morning and afternoon,  drawing for and with Bel-
lew.        O Brien in once.      Both found him in the
Houston Street �Office� on returning up town, at sun-
set.           A bath, writing and to bed early.      Kelly
called in the morning.     With him to Devlin�s.
  {6.  Thursday.       Drawing at Office during the fore
  7.  Friday.}       and afternoon, and at my room               
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