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Text for Page 104 [11-15-1856]

Jersey City, got money, a mother, and is considera-
bly younger than her suitor.         She plays fast
and loose, has rejected him, and the mother sus-
pects the $ form the attraction, which idea the girl
(who isn�t pretty shares.)    Kelly � he�s a sturdy,
powerful-looking Irishman, and a very good fellow �
is in a nervous way about it, and says it unfits
him for business.      He held me company to Brook-
lyn where we parted, I going on to Parton�s.
 A very pleasant evening, every body being in good
spirits, Miss Louisa � (I don�t like the Jewish
name Jacobs)   looking very handsome in a tartan
dress, Grace fair and tall, and �Fanny� as usual.
Lots to talk about, and cider and cakes at the
tail part of the evening.
  17.  Monday.   In doors all the raw, bluster-
ing, chill, draughty day.   Writing an imaginary
life of Martin Farquhar Tupper, of whom I
don�t know one single circumstance.     Bellew
up at eventide for ten minutes or so.
  Mrs Gouverneur and her offspring are here again.
Rawson talks of starting for Nicaragua on Sat-
  18.  Tuesday.  Wrote letter to Barth.  Down
town, meeting Banks by the way.    He is so
unnaturally civil since his licking that his well-
wishers might experience a regret that such in-
centure to-gentlemanly behaviour could not be admin-               
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