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Text for Page 105 [11-18-1856]

istered periodically.      Down town calls.    Back.
Drawing in the afternoon.       To Jewell�s and
the Edwardses at night.
  19.  Wednesday.   Down town to Times and
Tribune Offices &c.     Evening to Bellew�s.
  20.  Thursday.   Being �Thanksgiving� day.  Abroad
in Washington Square.     The day an indescribably
lovely one, the air so deliciously cool and fresh on
your cheek that it seemed instinct with health and
kindness; the bubbling of the fountain, clear blue
sky seen through the bare branches of the trees, all
combining to make one in love with life.          After
dinner, to Parton�s, having received an invitation per
Levison.      Stayed till past 10.
  21.  Friday.  Drawing &c.  Down town in the morning.
  22.  Saturday.  Down town calls.     Met Colonel
Forbes, who in conjunction with another, has just started
a weekly paper �The European.�        Returned up town
with Arnold, having called on him at the �Mercury�
office.          Called at Mrs Jewell�s this morning.
Alf Waud has written to the, of his having re-
ceived a letter from old Jewell touching Falk.
The latter in his letter to the former did mention
the visit of Selina and her mother to the Catskills.  Hence
old Jewell must know of their cognizance of Alf &c.
  Drawing.      Visited Edwards at night.
  23.  Sunday.    In doors till night.
  24.  Monday.  Down town to Wells & Webb�s,               
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