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Text for Page 106 [11-24-1856]

Strongs�s &c.      Sold drawings on wood to the latter.
Return and in-doors for the rest of the day.
  25.  Tuesday.      Indoors, drawing till the af-
ternoon.    Getting queer and nervous to a painful degree,
reminding me of past experience.      Rushed out after
dinner to 27th Street, there to call at Bellew�s, but
mistaking the house came back more nervous than
before.    Drawing, with pain, at night.
  26. Wednesday.   Down town &c.      Illness con-
tinued.     Unable to do anything well.
  I have letters from Dillon Mapother, and from
my brother Sam.     Dillon tells that Yatman went
back to England in September last, previously in
forming him that his (Yatman�s) �engagement�
with Miss McMullen had been broken off. (He
wrote �in a very Toots like manner.�      Sam
writes a long, kindly young letter.       He and Min-
nie are as when I left only more so.         He talks
of �being able to keep himself and wife without any
aid from his father &c &c�; complains he can�t
save a halfpenny; mentions that he has had an
assistant, and was therefore enabled �to take
it easier� in company with Minnie, � three weeks
at Swinford and three at Ramsgate
&c : tells of Joe Stokes going to Australia, pro-
fesses indefinite intentions of change of residence,
willingness to emigrate, and much more.     Mrs
Heath has another child;    Tilly is staying with her               
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