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Text for Page 108 [11-28-1856]

  28.  Friday.  To the �European� Office, corner
of Broadway and Fulton.     Saw Forbes and Rus-
sell, the latter a gray haired, English faced, deli-
berate speaking Briton, the founder and proprietor
of the paper.    It is a  sixteen paged
journal chiefly made up of editorials and selections
from other papers, with weak depreciatory comment
on American institutions and misrule.      The original
editorial matter is in the proportion of Falstaff�s item
of bread to that of sack � and not good, at that.
Russell is or has been a lawyer, and claims im-
mense knowledge of political life on this side of the 
Atlantic.     The paper is devoted � so its projectors
say � to the course of European radicalism.    Never
were men more enthusiastic of success � though where
their purchasers are to come from the Lord knows.
The journal�s as heavy as lead, not a shred of
light matter � as art, criticism, literature, the
drama in it.           I was horribly bored and kept
waiting for nearly two hours � when five minutes
might have settled all that was required � finally
being requested to come tomorrow.
  29.  Saturday.  Drenching day.  Went down
town in omnibus full of damp people, a big Irish-
woman with a huge bundle facing me.    A hour
or more of delay at the interview, which I contrived
to clench through Forbes, who whispered principal.
I�m to attend each day from 9 1/2 to 2, (one day               
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