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Text for Page 148 [08-01-1850]

  1 Thursday.  To the Office.  This weeks paper out.   There for
half an hour or so, then left,   Mattice intimating the advent of an editor,
to supply whose place I was temporarily called in.      Called at the Atlas and
Picayune Offices, at Bobbett and Edmonds, met �the Doctor�and also Mr
Alcock.   Talk with the latter some time.  Then called at Duane Street
and met with Mr Hart made arrangements to visit Coney Island.     In the
Afternoon he came up, and we embarked at Watts Street; Mapother
and a Colonel Tappan coming on board at Pier 5.    Lovely afternoon,
and fresh breeze blowing.  Long Island again, Diamond port � the
Narrows, recalling the first time my eyes were ever gladdened with the
sight of them.      Arrived, we walk over plank pathway across the island.
Enough rushes to supply New York with baskets, and ten thousand times
enough sand to fill them.    No trees, hubs of sand; � naught but
sand and rushes.    Different when old Henry Hudson moored the �Half
moon� there: � then there were trees and Indians.    Big tent on the
island, folks eating and drinking therein.   The shore; men and
women bathers, both dressed in garments hired for the purpose, at an
adjacent square of shanty-looking pig-pens; � to which the bathers return
and drip at leisure.	Preferring it al-fresco did not hire clothes
to go in the water, but going further on had a glorious bathe �
Mapother and Hart went in too.    Heavy surf and tide rolling in on
the marble like sand.      After an hour or so, a brandy smash,               
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