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Text for Page 109 [11-29-1856]

longer) for $12 per week.        My business looking
over papers, scissoring, correcting proofs and (perhaps)
editorializing.  (I could do the latter, I see, infinitely
better than either of my employers.)        To the
Pic office &c, and then up town.     Went to
the Mercantile at night.      Wet through once to-day
  30.  Sunday.  Bellew calling, took me home
to dine with him.   Introduced to �Ally Baby� his
child, a wonderfully plump, fair haired, double-
chinned well-behaved one.      We had a capital
dinner in the basement.         Mrs B is a lady-like
person, and I fancy, about to become a mother
for the second � or rather third time � (they lost a child
last winter.)         Bellew appeared to great
advantage, and is, I think, a very kindly,
gentlemanly, unaffected  modest fellow.    What
a false estimate I had of him, once.   And
what a cursedly unpleasant portrait of me would
he have painted, had any one asked him, then.
A great deal of lying and tattling on the part of
others, and misapprehension on our own produced
this.             Returned by the cars.    Met Scoville
in Broadway.         In doors writing till late at night.
An article for the �European.�               
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