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Text for Page 110 [12-01-1856]

  1.  Monday.   To the �European� Office.
Talk with Forbes, then going over papers and proofs.
Russell in by 12, intermittently.         Surely these
men are the most sanguine in the world to hope
their paper will sell, so conducted.     I�ve given my
opinion frankly enough, but they are so gloriously
intent on their own ideas that ��           Any person
taking up a number of the paper would think it
nought but a compilation from the editorial columns
of the Tribune, Herald and Times.    And who would
buy such?        It�s to find subscribers in Canada,
Europe &c � to be quoted from by the London Times
&c � and the Lord knows what all.              Read heaps
of proofs, made suggestions, and was bored till 2 1/4
then up-town to my own work.             (Calling on
Mrs Murray my washerwoman I learn that
Banks is in her debt some $20 or $30.      It�s
like him.)        Writing and drawing till mid-
  2.  Tuesday.   To �European� Office by 9 �
(after going to Radway�s with drawing.)     Reading
proof with printer till 1, and going over papers
till 2.            Writing &c till 11.
  3.  Wednesday.   Office as heretofore.     Wrote
letter to Dillon in the afternoon.        Evening to
Laura Keene�s new theatre, there seeing a most
unmitigatedly trashy and successful piece hight �Young               
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