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Text for Page 111 [12-02-1856]

New York.        Mark Lennon�s cockney farce
the �School for Tigers� was played afterwards,
and Lotty appeared in it.
  She looked very pretty in a simple white dress,
with bright ribbons at the shoulders, and a little
scarlet apron.       I think she was roughed, though
not much so; her hair arranged, as of old, in
thick clustering curls.    She played well, too,
though I don�t think she�ll achieve much cele-
brity on the stage.
  What a dreadful reality is this girl�s life
in contrast with the buffoonery of the piece in which
she took part.     Wilful and perverse daughter of
an indescribably base and false mother and a most
contemptible father; reckless wife, unnatural mother,
adulteress and God knows what beside � oh,
Lotty!  Lotty!   who could have guesed all this
horror on that night when I first looked on your
arch, innocently-wilful-childish beautiful face.  Yet
it all lay there then, in thy nature � undeveloped.
  Damn that accursed mother of hers!   Much �
very much of the sin lies at her doors � if not
  I shall yet write a book with Lotty for one
of its heroines, and do justice to her both in
good and evil.     She has good in her.    She might
have been worthy of a good man�s love. ��
  I�ll flay that mother of hers!    I�ll tell the               
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