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Text for Page 112 [12-03-1856]

dreadful truth of her whole false, selfish, mean, 
merciless, God-less life!   I remember her well � well.
  Oh Lotty, Lotty!      I don�t love you, but it gave
me a strange yearning pain to look at that bright face
of yours.      I would to God I could help you!
  4.  Thursday.    To the Office, both morning
and afternoon, as this is the day preceding publica-
tion.   Plenty to do, of the usual sort.     Russell
appears to be an eminently respectable lawyer, has a
house in Hoboken, is gray haired and rather deliberate
in speech, his countenance a round and very English
one.       His editorials display thorough knowledge of the
subject in hand and are pretty 
vigorously written.     However the paper is managed in
most refreshingly un-business like manner; printers
standing idle for want of matter, and articles set
up often distributed without having been used.    Sub-
scription books have only been opened � on the eve of the
fourth number.         Devil a shred of light reading, as
literary or dramatic criticism is there in our paper.
We�re as solid and heavy as cold pudding.      The
�European� may be likened to an Esthetic Newgate
calendar of political (and other)  American crimes.
Forbes and the chief have marginal squabbles.
  I don�t think I have ever taken the Colonel�s
portrait, so here he is.     A shortish man, very
bald, moustached and clean shaved � and in spite
of the first and last peculiarities looking much like               
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