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Text for Page 113 [12-04-1856]

a Russian officer.       He is a good-humored,
very decisive, a terrific infidel and admirer of Tom
Paine, and possesses an inordinate contempt and
dislike to Americans, which he never takes the
slightest pains to conceal.         /        Up and down
in company with Haney.     Went to Scoville�s of-
fice.       Talk with him about doing the literary
and dramatic for his paper.   Asked him $8 weekly.
  At Bellew�s in the evening, but Sol Eyting
and Cahill coming, Bellew was only intermittently
present, being forced like Mr Dick in his essay
at copying legal documents to fly from one to
the other, now playing host to me above, anon to
them below.    Marry, which of us was �Memorial�
I don�t know.
  5.  Friday.   Office .     Writing to Boutcher,
and to George Clarke at night, then called at
Mrs Jewell�s and the Edwards�.
  6.  Saturday.   Office.    Writing editorials &c.
Met �Fanny Fern, daughter, and �little Jacobs� twice
in Broadway on my way uptown.  Writing at night.
(European editorial.)
  7.  Sunday.  With Haney to Brooklyn,
getting to Parton�s by 1.    Remained all day, having
a very jolly time of it, especially towards the evening.
All sorts of things discussed and laughed over.
Returned by 10 1/2.                          Haney told two
good stories, the first of which � perhaps both �               
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