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Text for Page 116 [12-08-1856]

suffered and thought so much.      Hannah, Han-
nah  I will tell you all someday.    I long to,
but to tell her that you love that you have loved
before, as deeply, though far less wisely �
what a task is it? ��
  How has Hannah become what she is?  Was she
always this kind and wise?       Or has Love � love
for me, (unworthy cur as I am not to be full of
hope and high courage at possessing it,) inspired
her into these excellences?
  I incidentally mentioned in my last, the little
good natured match-making project of which I sus-
pected was hatching for my benefit.         In comment
Hannah tells of �an offer� she had during the past
summer.    A young farmer of her village, who
�wanting to see life� enlisted and �was in the
late war,� on his return brought trophies, and
spent many evenings at the farm-house. �I thought
him� says Hannah, �a kind, manly fellow, and
noticed him making broad hints that he couldn�t
have faith in strangers for a wife.     So when he
left he wrote to me, asking me to withhold my hand
from everyone but himself, as after he had ser-
ved his time he should again be a farmer, and
would rather take me than anybody he ever saw. I 
replied No.        I could not help laughing at a
piece of poetry he attempted to put his wishes into.
Suspecting I was engaged, he said �Perhaps you may               
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