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Text for Page 117 [12-08-1856]

repent in saying No, if those who have received
a yes, don�t prove as you expect! &c &c�
  Ah honest Crimean soldier!    God knows whether
you may not be an infinitely better fellow � in his
sight � than the author of the Physiology of New
York Boarding Houses!      But he has her love,
and humbly prays God to make him a little wor-
thier of it than he is.                        Hannah says
she shouldn�t have thought this �worth penning�, but
for my incidental talk.       How many women are there
who would not take occasion to glorify themselves to
their lovers on having rejected one?   Might few I
trow!      Not one that I have known would have
been able to deny themselves of the pleasure of making
capital out of it.                                        Theres much
news.   Charlotte�s going to marry Gazey.     The odd,
queer, quaint, kind little man � he�s twice her
age I should say � has behaved in a singularly
generous manner, declaring that if she married
a younger man he would give her a handsome
present.   �So he has quite won her affections��
Hannah pictured the results to her, as did
John � Mary and Mrs B being only advocates in
little Gazey�s favor � and the girl seems honest
in her convictions, and so they�re to be mar-
ried.    And God bless her! for she�s a real
trump, is Charlotte.                     My sister
Rosa has discovered that I and Hannah write               
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