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Text for Page 118 [12-08-1856]

to each other, being in the house when a letter
came.    She wanted to see it � and didn�t � rallied
Hannah, and promised not to hand the matter to
be cackled over by the Boltons.  �She � Rosa.� likes
Hartley very much� and is at feud with Rosa Bol-
ton.      Charley gives little Rosa �20 watches  &c,
and so is in the ascendant again.
  Lastly Hannah writes of a dream of hers.    Now
I never began to attach one grain of faith to the like,
being indeed, for an imaginative person, horribly ratio-
nal towards such.    All mystic impressions are
exceedingly temporary with me.    Yet this dream 
gave me a sort of cold shudder, such as a man might
feel if he were told that he was essentially false,
and that annihilation awaited him at death.
  She dreamed that we were to be married, at the
little village church, had dressed for it, and �as
is usual in High Life�  I had preceded her to
await at the altar the coming of my bride.   She
plainly remembers walking up to the church with her
mother and [word crossed out] sister.    When she reached the
altar I was not there, or to be found, in all
the Church.   She stood �as if petrified�,  Mary
started to look for me, but did not come back.
�I could not help thinking how strange a dream
it was,�  writes Hannah ��
  A very strange dream.  And I have been thinking
strongly of it all day.     It frightens me as               
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