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Text for Page 149 [08-01-1850]

              and walk we reembarked.       Exquisite evening.  Thoughts of Herne
Bay, the [unclear word], bathing and new-novel reading in times byegone.
Mr Hart and the rest get out at Pier 3, I go on to Watts Street,
where we arrived at about 8. 	       Supper, then a walk calling
on the Greatbatches.  Mary Ann had been unwell.
  2. Friday. Writing letters to Wing and Bridgens.   Afternoon with
them to the Post Office, calling on �Lager� Ben by the way.   Strolled
down to the Battery where I found a crowd assembled to witness the
arrival of General Paez, Venezuelan patriot, and fellow to Bolwar.
After some waiting he, with escort, issued from Castle Garden, through the
Battery and up Broadway.   A frank, soldier looking old man, about 
sixty, on horseback, and in private dress.         Accompanied the crowd
to the Astor House, then turned off into quieter streets.       Evening,
with Mr Hart, Mapother and Martin to the old dock again. On
our return to the Holtein street door saw Joe.
  3. Saturday.  Making drawing of the Brooklyn fire, to send to J B
Hall, during the morning.     Called at Badean�s and talk with his bro-
ther.  Evening, with Mr Hart, Mapother and Joe to the pier, then sub-
sequently to the �Grapes�, Chamber Street.
  4. Sunday. �Household Words� and top of Rabineau�s bath during the
forenoon, in company with Joe.      In-doors during the afternoon. Evening
with Hart, Mapother and Joe and Royal to the Dock.  Afterwards a
stroll about Broadway, a gossip with the Holtein boarders at the hostel;
then a julep with Royal at the Partridge.               
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