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Text for Page 119 [12-08-1856]

if some dreadful event lay in the future to which
we were surely journeying.
  If ever we are married  I shall think of that dream
on our wedding day.
           x                  x                   x                  x
  Office, as usual.    Met Bellew in the evening.
  9.  Tuesday.       Office.   Wrote to Andrew
about cuts to book.    Writing in the afternoon and
evening. �Auto Biography of a Dollar.�
  10.  Wednesday.  Office.  Afternoon out to boot-
makers.   Evening partly talking in parlor, partly
  11.  Thursday.    Office, both fore and after-
noon.     The day a drenchly wet one.
  12.  Friday.    Office.     A letter from Alf
Waud.  He has been rheumatically sick.  No news
of import.    Damoreau �making more money than he
ought at engraving;� Will in debt and �pawning
his ticker�,  and Wurzbach has written a letter
from Germany �all guide-book and second-hand
georgraphy.�         Some little details of the proceedings
of Menelaus Brainard during Alf�s absence.
  Wrote to Hannah, this evening.
  13.  Saturday.  Post Office, �European� &c.
Called at Child�s to get drawing of Alf�s.       To
Oscanyon�s  Turkish lecture in the evening, calling
at Mrs Jewell�s house by the way.     Saw her, and
her two daughters.               
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