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Text for Page 121 [12-20-1856]

lian experience in revolution; and how he, Garibaldi,
Ugo Bassi, Ciceroacchio and the remnant of the Italian
patriots fared in their retreat from San Marino,
in the attempt to escape by sea to Venice, which was
then blockaded.    He, (Forbes) got captured, and spent
some time in an Austrian prison.       He has sons in
Italy.       /             We have many Canadian exchanges,
which I look over.        Many of the first members of
the �European�, which, it appears, were mailed to
members of Parliament &c   in England have been retur-
ned by the Post Office, with the official �Refused� as
reason.             I had to ask for my pay, on Tuesday,
when it was punctually cashed up for by a person who appears
to act as general treasurer.                         Went to
Wallacks one night and Bellew�s another.     Writing
the rest of the evenings, Saturday a drenching day.
  21.  Sunday.    In doors till evening; then,
in company with Haney to the Edwardses.
  22.  Monday.    Office.     In the afternoon to Brook-
lyn.   The day a very cold, but exhilarating one,
Broadway unusually crowded with folks making their
Christmas purchases.      As it drew towards sunset, a
snow storm set in continuing during my stay at
Parton�s and through the night.        All as wont in
Oxford Street.       Dyer came during the evening.
I played whist with Parton and the girls.        Returning
at 11, through the thick, fast falling snow, over
the Battle ground (Fort Green) and to New York.               
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