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Text for Page 122 [12-22-1856]

Beard frozen and snow lying thick on my cloak, an
occasional jangle of sleigh-bells and everything proper to
the season.
  23.  Tuesday.  Office &c.     An article in the �Times�
pitching into the �European�, and surmising that
the �British Foreign Office might be at the bottom of it.�
  24.  Wednesday.   Office, both morning and after-
noon.   Evening at Bellew�s.
  25.  Thursday.    Christmas Day.    Office till 2.
Afternoon alone, reading.    Evening, by 8 to the Ed-
wardses.     Charades, games &c as at last year, but
the evening was less of a success.     Parton was not present,
though partly expected.     Haney�s former landlady, a
Mrs Taylor, was there.                   Stayed till near 1, then
left with Haney.
  26.  Friday.  Office.   Wrote to Alf Waud,
for information as to how my cuts are getting on.   He
don�t care to respond unless he has some object of his
own.      Andrew has not yet got half the cuts, I have
yet to see the proof of the first one, and if they
proceed at the same pace my book won�t get published
till the Christmas of 1857.        Altogether I�m being
humbugged and played with, and am heart sick of
the whole business.
  A letter from my mother � (God bless her.)   My
father is �just the same as he was last winter� �
keeping his bed till dinner time, and �sitting by the
fire and making all sorts of frightful noises.� � Bah.               
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