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Text for Page 124 [12-26-1856]

  Dick Gunn�s wife is dead, as our folks
learn from those at Bloxham.         Edwin tem-
porarily in the country, and the others as usual.
  27.  Saturday.    Office.       Looked in at
Mrs Jewell�s in the evening, seeing her and her
daughters.       Her husand is at feud with her,
wanting a divorce, that he may marry the dis-
reputable, slatternly woman who is his �housekeeper�,
(I saw her, on the occasion of my only visit,) �
which Mrs J won�t consent to, unless he grants
her more liberal pecuniary terms than she has at
present.       He meets his daughters, and asks
their sympathy, and whether he isn�t �an abused
man.�       They�re on their mothers side, of course,
upon which he rages.        Selina told how he spoke
of her sister, Mrs Sexton, in her presence and
that of her mother �She�s the d____dest b___h!! ���
quoth old Jewell ��!                               I think this
beast and ass of a man is pretty nearly responsible
for the miscarryings of the whole family.    His wife
a shallow woman, Heaven knows, but decent
enough.   For the daughters, I fancy no girls
can be conversant with impurity of conduct occurring
within their own domestic circle, without some
amount of moral deterioration.          However their
conduct, (with the exception of Alf�s one)   has been
conventionally correct enough.          /
  � Tis a right thing � or founded in right � after               
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